Is counselling for you?

You might be thinking about counselling for the first time, or have had previous experience of therapy. You might have a clear sense of what you want and need from counselling, or you may have very little idea at all, but feel that ‘something is up’ and you want some help to explore that.

We all seek counselling for different reasons. We might have overwhelming feelings of anxiety, sadness or anger. We might be confronting the pain of loss, or dealing with situations that are hard to bear. Maybe you’re questioning your identity in some way, or finding it hard to understand your role in life or in a relationship. Maybe you’re harming yourself, or feel that life is overwhelming, and that you need some kind of change. Perhaps you feel ‘stuck’ and want to talk to someone who will listen without judgement, and explore directions in which you would like to change. I will not have ‘the answer’ for you, but I’m committed to listening to you with care, curiosity and empathy - sharing your experience alongside you, and working with you to develop understanding and realisation of the changes you wish to make.